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ALAP Participant Comments

“ALAP was a pleasure from start to finish. The importance of a space to actually think about what we do and reflect on what we can do better when we participate in campus leadership is invaluable. The tools provided were incredibly useful. I am still drawing upon trainings and resources provided four years later! And, the opportunity provided to connect with other campus leaders was wonderful, particularly because both staff and faculty are involved. The personal ties have come in handy again and again. Despite the time commitment, if I could enroll again, I would.”

—Marta Wayne, Professor and Chair, Department of Biology


“Often leadership positions can be very lonely, particularly the further up one moves. ALAP provided a network of colleagues from across the campus who were all similar enough to find common ground and common challenges, and yet different enough to provide outside perspectives. The safe learning environment created within the ALAP group allowed for us all to become more reflective, honest, and critical about our leadership (both its strengths and its flaws), while developing a network of peers who have continued to provide both support and challenge long after the training sessions were over. It was, and continues to be, one of the best professional development experiences I have ever had.”

—Kelli Peck Parrott, Associate Director, School of Human Development & Organizational Studies in Education


“I had hoped to be selected for ALAP prior to actually getting in, so I was very pleased to participate in the 2017-18 class.  I had several colleagues recommend this program to me and the experience was all they said it would be, if not more.  ALAP was hands-down the best training experience I’ve had in over 20 years at UF, and perhaps my career.  The program is extremely well designed, coordinated and administered; notably, UF has recognized that this kind of training can’t be done in a few hours or even a few days and allows properly generous time for it.  The opportunities to meet new UF faculty and staff representing a broad cross-section of disciplines, colleges and administrative units gave me an appreciation for, and pride in, the vast array of talent, knowledge and spirit UF’s leadership work force embodies.  It was also highly rewarding to see how UF values the importance of such training and intends to weave this into our university’s cultural fabric.  [The facilitators] are amazing teachers/facilitators, the environment is phenomenal to learn in and you truly feel like you’re being honored as a participant.  I can’t recommend ALAP highly enough!”

—Kenneth Marx, Director of Operations, McKnight Brain Institute


“The ALAP program was a welcome surprise of information.  The program was unexpected, making me take a hard look at myself and how my leadership skills can be perceived and improved.  I was amazed at all the tips from my classmates and it was very interesting to have both the administration and faculty perspectives.  I believe that all UF leaders should go through this program, to truly understand that leadership is a skill that you never stop learning.”

—Brenda Harrell, Assistant Controller, Finance & Accounting, Division of Cost Analysis & Construction Accounting


“Rarely are we, in academic administration, provided the opportunity to deeply focus on our professional identities and develop leadership skills. Not only did ALAP provide me that opportunity and specific tools, conceptual frameworks, and techniques to critically analyze and grow as a leader, it also provided me a university-wide network of colleagues and senior leaders that has helped me succeed.”

—Anthony J. Kolenic, Assistant Dean of Research, Technology and Administrative Affairs College of the Arts


“ALAP was a great experience for me; it provided both invaluable networking opportunities as well as top-notch leadership training.  The instructors of the course, in consultation with UF leadership, have determined the specific competencies needed to excel and thrive at UF. These core competencies are also applicative to so many everyday experiences that you’ll find yourself using them in all kinds of situations.  The program was instrumental in helping me move into higher leadership roles at UF.  I can’t recommend this program highly enough; the time commitment was well worth it!”

—David Reed, Associate Provost for Faculty Honors and Awards and Associate Director, Research & Collections, Florida Museum of Natural History


“ALAP was a life affirming experience for me in many ways – providing relevant content, valuable space for self-reflection and examination, as well as extensive opportunities for sharing and learning from our (brilliant) facilitators, guests, and classmates.  Collectively, the program provided multifaceted engagement opportunities and experiences that for me – avowed that a transition to administration suited me.  The lessons learned in ALAP continue to facilitate my ability to navigate the many challenges presented in academic administration, and to look at each as an opportunity to be celebrated rather than a burden.  Perhaps more importantly, ALAP provided me with greater confidence to do – and fail – and to keep doing.  ALAP also provided a wonderful network of dedicated colleagues that endures, grows, and expands. I particularly enjoyed working with my classmates on our small group projects.  The content of these projects continue to resonate with me as we reenvision the future for the college and integrate that vision with the broader UF vision and mission.”

—Chris Janelle, Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, College of Health and Human Performance


“Being a part of the UF ALAP was fantastic.  The content and structure of the program offered a comprehensive dive into the realities and rewards of leadership, specifically tailored to the University of Florida.  Being able to meet over the course of an academic year, gathering together with a diverse cohort from main campus and health sciences added a richness to the program.  The experiences and examples shared in the sessions helped us learn new strategies and skills while building relationships.  By the end of the year, we all had gained so much and left equipped with a roadmap for making a difference at UF and in the world.”

—Margaret Portillo, Associate Dean, College of Design, Construction & Planning