Promoting a Sense of Belonging: An Interview with Antonio Farias

What does it mean for UF to achieve greater diversity and inclusion? What will success look like? In this podcast episode of Reflections on Leadership, Chief Diversity Office Antonio Farias speaks with Scott Blades, Tricia Bachus and Irma Alvarez of Training & Organizational Development (T&OD) about his vision for the University of Florida and highlights the importance of leaders promoting a sense of belonging through servant leadership, excellence in crucial conversations and community building.

Credibility Cash Account

Leadership author John C. Maxwell describes developing trust as earning and spending pocket change. In a sense, we all have a certain amount of “credibility cash” to our names. Our conduct and decisions will grow or deplete the account over time. In this episode of Reflections on Leadership you’ll learn five key ways to improve […]


In episode 23 of Reflections on Leadership, we will explore the influence effective and ineffective transparency can have on working relationships.

Partnering in Employee Development

In episode 22 of Reflections on Leadership, UF Grants Training manager Steve Slater shares a practice that can help you to better leverage the strengths of your team: employee development planning.

Improving Communication Using Relationship Strategies

In episode 21 of Reflections on Leadership, UF Training and Organizational specialist Ronda Mitchell discusses how behavioral styles affect your ability to communicate effectively with others. By learning about these styles, we can identify our own behavioral preferences as well as those of the people we encounter every day. This knowledge helps us identify communication strengths and weaknesses (for ourselves and others) and consider how we might adapt our behaviors for more effective communication.

Leaders on Leadership: An Interview with Mike McKee

In episode 20 of Reflections on Leadership, UF Training and Organizational Development specialist Courtney Moon speaks with Mike McKee, the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the University of Florida. Mr. McKee discusses his path to his current role, as well as a whole host of topics in the area of leadership and development.

Team Goals: What Leaders Need to Consider

In episode 19 of Reflections on Leadership, director for Training & Organizational Development Bob Parks discusses an important and, at times, challenging issue for many leaders—identifying and achieving shared team goals.

The Multitasking Mirage

In episode 17 of Reflections on Leadership, Scott Blades defines multitasking and explains what happens in the human brain when attempting to do it. He also reviews what the research says about the dangers of multitasking and highlight some more effective strategies for tackling your lengthy to-do list.

Harnessing Electronics for Effective Communication

In episode 16 of Reflections on Leadership, UF Training and Organizational Development specialist Irma Alvarez highlights some of the difficulties in communication that you might encounter when using some of the most common technologies available in the workplace.

Outsmarting Mindbugs

In episode 15 of Reflections on Leadership, UF Training and Organizational Development specialist Courtney Moon discusses sneaky critters that lurk in our subconscious called “mindbugs.” These are hidden biases that can impact the organizations we lead.