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Resolve: What It Takes to Be a Determined Leader

Leaders who are hesitant about doing the hard, but right, things will often fall short of getting the organizational results they desire. The most effective leaders are quick to take appropriate action because they are driven by a firmness of purpose that outweighs the discomfort. And, they are able to frame this critical responsibility as one that intentionally supports the strategic outcomes they hope to achieve. Resolve is having the fortitude to do the hard things day after day because the end results are essential.

Conflict: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Because it deals with a struggle or a clash (of ideas, interests and/or persons) we often make negative associations when we hear the word conflict (shudder). However, conflict, in and of itself, is not “good” or “bad” (or ugly). How we qualify conflict has more to do with what causes it as well as how we choose to address it. This article will take a look at how leaders can address conflict—and make it good—as they strive to strengthen the efforts of the teams they inspire, guide and support.