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Effective Meetings: Facilitation

The role of a meeting facilitator is to ensure that all the elements of a meeting will run seamlessly, including logistics, processes, and participation. A good facilitator can be the key to a rich and productive meeting. The facilitator cannot – and should not- control the content of the meeting. Rather, s/he should approach the meeting understanding that the participants have entrusted him/her with safeguarding an environment that encourages inclusion, comfort, and clarity, all of which will bring about effective communication and understanding – with ease. Let’s look at some of the elements of good facilitation.

Effective Meetings: Planning

Meetings can often be the best method to foster group communication in order to achieve certain results: to share or get information, to brainstorm options, to make group decisions, to plan, to clear the air, or to promote team-building. But too often we default into having a meeting when there might be a better way of accomplishing our objective. So, if you really want to be part of a major shift in how your team operates, start by making meetings productive and worthwhile for all participants.

Consensus Decision-Making

Consensus decision-making is a process in which a group or team arrives at a decision that all can support. All members, including the leader, have an equal share or stake in the decision and have the ability to support or block the decision. This method of decision-making leads to better solutions, greater team buy-in, and builds more productive and cohesive teams.