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Promoting a Sense of Belonging: An Interview with Antonio Farias Podcast Transcript From University of Florida Training & Organizational Development, this is Reflections on Leadership. Welcome to Reflections on Leadership, a podcast where we explore why leadership matters in higher education and what great leadership looks like at the University of Florida. I’m your host, Scott Blades, Assistant Director with Training and Organizational Development.  […]

Collaboration: An Interview with Dean Diane McFarlin

Diane McFarlin, Dean of the College of Journalism and Communications at UF, answers questions from Jodi Gentry, Vice President for Human Resources at UF, for the Advanced Leadership for Academics and Professionals cohort in spring 2018. This interview focuses on the important role of collaboration and communication in higher education. Gentry: So, we’re here to […]

Leading Through Collaboration

Collaborative leadership is founded on a belief that “…if you bring the appropriate people together in constructive ways with good information, they will create authentic visions and strategies for addressing the shared concerns of the organization or community,” (Chrislip & Carl, 1994). This job aid highlights the necessary skills and characteristics for a collaborative leader as well as challenges to be mindful of.