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Introduction to Fund Accounting

As a manager it’s important to understand the funding and budgeting model and be able to apply this knowledge to balance out competing demands for resources.

Execution: Do You Have What It Takes?

Some of the resources in our Leadership Toolkit explain the elements of successful execution. This job aid aims to not only address the elements of execution but, more importantly, the behaviors that are most closely related with successful execution. In a widely recognized Harvard Business Review article “The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution,” Neilson, Martin and Powers present four fundamental building blocks to solid execution.

Execution: Delivering On Your Intent

Our UF Training & Organizational Development Team often conducts strategic planning retreats throughout campus. We spend days, sometimes weeks (even returning for annual updates) working with both academic and administrative departments to help them define and articulate their mission, vision and values. On many occasions we even assist in identifying priorities that will evolve into specific goals and action plans. However, the positive energy and momentum that often results from successful retreats can turn into frustration or skepticism when leaders fail to transform them into action – when they fail to execute.

The Four Disciplines of Execution

Without execution, all of the other leadership attributes that we spend time cultivating become meaningless. Leaders and teams are expected to provide a service, accomplish tasks, and get a job done. Leaders and teams are expected to get results; they are expected to execute.